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Matthew J Opdyke is a published Contemporary Science Fiction & Fantasy Author. He has a passion for taking his audience on journeys around the world and into the cosmos. As he does, he inspires his readers to look at life with a new vision of the future that will enhance the state of mind toward progression. Matt prides himself on displaying empathy while defining a shared idea of ethics throughout his works. He builds on factual, creative, and futuristic research in his literary writings to captivate his fans.  People enjoy Matt's literary appeal, because of the positive angle and philosophical scientific and fantasy nuances they know they'll specifically find within his authentic writing style. Explore mind-engaging space opera adventures for yourself and join with the forward-moving portion of civilization in this journey!

- A Cosmic Legacy: From Earth to the Stars (Novel)

- Pathway To The Stars (Booklets 1-12)

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Matt's publications come in a variety of formats including hardback, paperback, and digital. Select print copies are also available at Barnes & Noble online (search for Matthew J Opdyke). Audiobooks are purchasable on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. Feel free to check out Matt's Author Blog and Amazon Author Site.

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